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Why You Must Use a Copper Tongue Scrapper?

As the purpose of the microbiota of the mouth is becoming more understandable, ancient practices to support oral hygiene are becoming more and more popular. One such practice which is recommended and backed by various studies is known as tongue scraping. Tongue scraping is the practice of scraping your tongue, preferably before brushing your teeth.

Common Health Benefits of Copper Supplements

Copper supplements are a suitable option for those who are dealing with copper deficiency. Although the human body requires copper in a very small quantity, it is crucial for the overall growth of the body and to maintain proper health. If the copper level is found to be lower than normal, one needs to fulfill

How Do Copper Vessels Affect Your Health?

Copper drink-ware is all the rage right now and people are going all crazy over the shiny metal. Copper cups, copper water bottles, copper pitchers, copper tumblers– you name it and you have it. But given to the “health” revolution, people are going all crazy for copper treated water. There is a long list of

Common Myths Related to Copper Treated Water Debunked

Copper treated water has been under the scrutiny for a very long time regarding the effect it has on the human health. There are theories and people who are in awe with its health related benefits, while there are facts and people who are against the use of copper treated water entirely. One of the

How to Tell if You are Suffering from Copper Toxicity?

Copper is a crucial trace mineral required by the body for day to day bodily functions and maintains a proper health. Copper is required for the proper functioning of the body organs as well as the metabolic processes. It is also a crucial element required by the enzyme systems (enzymes are responsible for several metabolic

Copper Water for Healing Body and Mind

For centuries, people of India have known and utilized the health benefits of copper utensils by storing water in them and drinking it as copper infused water is especially known for its anti-bacterial property. Ayurveda is an integrative medical science which aims at treating the human body as a whole- physical, social, psychological and spiritual