The Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking from Copper Tumblers

March 1, 2018

The antimicrobial properties of copper have scientists from all over the world are interested in it. In order to know the benefits that can be reaped with the use of copper water, research has been conducted in the past few years. Since the ancient era, it is believed that water stored in copper tumblers or […]

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Take First Step Towards Good Health with Pure Copper Tumbler

February 28, 2018

Copper is an essential mineral for our body. Ayurveda suggests storing water overnight in a copper tumbler and drinking it as the very first thing the next morning. This water is said to be loaded with vital nutrients and is believed to prevent and treat a number of health conditions. The water stored in a […]

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Benefit from the Holistic Healing System of Ayurveda with Copper Tumblers

February 24, 2018

Copper is a self-sterilizing metal and has a toxic effect on microbes which come in contact with it. It also destroys the antibiotic-resistant microbes such as MRSA. Store fresh water in a copper vessel overnight and drink it the next morning. It nullifies infection-causing bacteria and also helps with improving digestion, healing injuries, improves the […]

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Pure Copper Thermos Bottle: An Affordable Alternative to your Expensive Water Purifiers

February 20, 2018

Using copper utensils for storing and drinking water is an ancient tradition. We are trying to keep alive the same tradition with our pure copper thermos bottle. After the invention of stainless steel, the practice of using copper utensils has almost vanished. Recent studies have suggested that when copper water is consumed on a regular […]

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Lose Weight With Pure Copper Water Bottles

February 15, 2018

Won’t it be great if you could lose weight just by drinking water? Well, if you are looking for easy tricks to lose weight then this simple trick is surely meant for you. It is said that drinking water stored in a copper water bottle overnight helps with losing weight. Copper treated water possesses the […]

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How to Drink Copper Water the Correct Way and Benefit from it with Copper Water Bottle

February 12, 2018

For thousands of years, people have been drinking water stored in copper vessels. Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures suggest the various health benefits of keeping water in copper vessels. In fact, the current medical sciences are also supporting this amazing ancient practice. For thousands of years, people have been drinking water stored in copper vessels. Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures […]

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