Copper Toxicity is a Real Thing and it May Happen to You

Copper is one of the 14 trace elements which are required by the humans in trace amounts in order to survive and function normally. It is mainly found in the brain and liver. But the thing with copper is that, it cannot be synthesized by the human body on its own and it needs to

How Excess Copper Intake may Harm You

Copper is an essential trace mineral and is required for several days to day bodily functions. But we need it in very small quantities. Though it is rare to occur, too much copper can lead to copper toxicity marked by several adverse symptoms. Apart from that, certain inherited conditions such as Wilson’s disease may also

Copper and its Effect on Infection and Health

The anti-microbial benefits of copper are now well known. This property is now being well used by medical centers around the world to minimize infections. It is quite useful in preventing infection in hospitals which have patients with a plethora of pathogens. While keeping the hands clean is still the best way to avoid infection