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Why is Copper so Important for the Well Being of the Human Race?

We focus so much on the importance of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, and zinc all the time. We always ensure that we get enough of these minerals in our diet by eating all types of foods and taking supplements to fulfill the requirement. However, a majority of people don’t know that copper

The Best Type of Reusable Water Bottle you Need to Get

There has been a long ongoing debate about how plastic water bottles are filling up the landfills and polluting the seabed. If stats are to be considered, almost eighty percent of the water bottles purchased end up in landfills. Not only that, water stored in plastic bottles often times get infused with chemicals, which damage

Are Plastic Water Bottles Harmful to Your Kids?

As a parent, are you constantly worried about the health of your child? If yes, then why do you let your child drink from a plastic water bottle every day? We all know very well that plastic is not only deteriorating our environment but is also hazardous to our health. Plastic can undeniably the worst

Why you Need to Try Copper Water Bottles Right Now

Copper water bottles are perfect for storing water It is a healthier option because copper naturally alkalizes the water and small amounts of the trace copper, which is a very important mineral required for several vital tasks of the body, gets leached into the water. It acts as a natural self-sterilizer. Copper has a fatal

The Correct Way to Drink and Reap Copper Water Benefits

For centuries, the human race has been utilizing the use of copper utensils especially for storing drinking water. The ancient testaments of Ayurveda suggest that storing water in copper utensils have several health benefits. In fact, there have been several studies to back the Ayurveda claims as well. Copper has several antimicrobial properties. Recently, it