Copper treated water has been under the scrutiny for a very long time regarding the effect it has on the human health. There are theories and people who are in awe with its health related benefits, while there are facts and people who are against the use of copper treated water entirely.

One of the most common myths that are prevalent about copper is that it is poisonous and may affect our health adversely. But on the contrary, copper is amongst the most important elements required for our enzyme systems. The enzyme systems of our body are responsible for various metabolic processes which are important for the sustenance of life. Copper is an irreplaceable mineral as it is important for an overall healthy lifestyle. As copper cannot be synthesized by the body itself, it is important to get the required amount of copper from the external sources.

Eastern civilizations have stored water in copper utensils for ages to kill the bacteria present in the water. In fact, many developing countries use copper utensils to purify water. This is because they do not have access to water purifiers. The oligodynamic effect of copper cleanses the water as well as as ionizes it with essential nutrients.

Now keeping in mind the things said above, one question that says is that what causes copper toxicity? There have been incidences where people have dealt with copper toxicity. And because of that, people end up making quick conclusions regarding the effect of the mineral on the human health. But is copper really that harmful to the human body?

If the data related to copper toxicity is considered, then a majority of cases of copper toxicity are related to the drinking of copper water from corroded copper pipes. The main reason for the corrosion of the pipes is the softness and the acidity of water. Along with that, cooking food in copper pots and pans may also lead to copper toxicity.

Lately, lead has been used in copper pipes to slow down the corrosion rate. But on the other side, this lead coating which prevents the copper from getting corroded also leads to lead poisoning. Lead is highly toxic and can be hazardous to health if inhaled or ingested.

Some lifestyle changes such as using a female contraceptive may also lead to an increased level of copper in the body, thus leading to copper toxicity and poisoning.

Now that we have debunked the common myths related to copper toxicity, let us have a look at the amazing benefits of copper treated water.

1. Increases the level of iron- Copper treated water helps with improving the rate at which iron gets absorbed by the body. Along with that, it also helps in maintaining the level of iron in the blood. People with anemia can highly benefit from this little trick.

2. Helps with weight loss- Obesity is one of those lifestyle related diseases which has slowly overshadowed the entire world. Drinking copper treated water helps in speeding up the metabolism and thus burning fat.

3. Improves digestion– Gut related problems have become a common phenomenon with all of us. Unhealthy eating habits have lead innumerable digestion related problems such as bloating, constipation, etc. but the good thing is that you can fight off these common health related issues. Drinking copper water on a daily basis helps in cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system and increases the absorption of nutrients much more easily and effectively.