Copper mugs are the first choice for people who love drinking Moscow mule the authentic way. But there are also a number of myths associated with the use of copper mugs. Below we have debunked the 4 common myths about copper mugs. Myths 1: Unlined Mugs are Toxic Not always. […]

Drinking out of copper mugs have always been a long-discussed debate. There are indeed differences between lined and unlined mugs regarding the potential copper exposure, actual copper toxicity is highly unlikely no matter the cup. Are copper mugs safe to drink out of? Copper mugs are fairly safe to drink […]

A high amount of copper is poisonous and may lead to foodborne ailments. When the metal copper comes in contact with acidic drinks or food items, it may lead to leaching. Though rare, acute copper poisoning is a serious health issue which may occur after a long-term exposure to copper. […]

The craze of copper mugs is such that people are switching their everyday drinkware to copper. The shiny metal has been used for making copper tumblers, cups and mugs around the globe and apart from its aesthetic value, there are so many benefits to it. Even after being so popular, […]