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How Copper Mugs can be Toxic to your Health

A high amount of copper is poisonous and may lead to foodborne ailments. When the metal copper comes in contact with acidic drinks or food items, it may lead to leaching. Though rare, acute copper poisoning is a serious health issue which may occur after a long-term exposure to copper. Consumption of large amounts of

How to Clean your Copper Cups Properly

The craze of copper mugs is such that people are switching their everyday drinkware to copper. The shiny metal has been used for making copper tumblers, cups and mugs around the globe and apart from its aesthetic value, there are so many benefits to it. Even after being so popular, people are still not aware

What Type of Drinks can be Served in Copper Mugs

Since the ancient era, copper vessels such as copper mugs have been used as a drinking cup because of the flexible nature of the metal. An additional point is that the human body requires copper mineral which can be obtained by drinking from a copper mug. What is a copper mug? Copper mugs are basically

Why are Copper Mugs the Best to Serve Moscow Mule ?

Great cocktails are not just made up by mixing and shaking a bunch of alcohols together. To make a great cocktail, you need the right ingredients along with the right technique and a presentation which would compel anyone to drink it. Moscow Mule is one of those American cocktails which are a cult favorite. Although

Amazing Health Benefits of Pure Copper Mugs

Copper mugs are not just restricted to serving Moscow mule. In fact, there are a number of health benefits of drinking water from a copper mug. You can use them in various other ways as well. If you’ve never heard or read about copper vessels then you might get intrigued. Who would have thought that

Why You Need Copper Mugs for Serving Moscow Mule

Copper cups are very popular amongst those who love drinking in a traditional way, especially their Moscow Mule. Since the invention of the Moscow mule, it has been served in pure copper mugs. But there are a lot of people who are still concerned about drinking from a copper mug for a number of reasons.