Copper mugs are the first choice for people who love drinking Moscow mule the authentic way. But there are also a number of myths associated with the use of copper mugs. Below we have debunked the 4 common myths about copper mugs.

Myths 1: Unlined Mugs are Toxic

Not always. Pure copper may prove harmful but only if they are used incorrectly. As long as the mug is kept cold (i.e. no hot liquid is poured in the mug) and no acidic beverage is poured into the cup, there is nothing to worry. Keep it in consideration that copper is required for the production of red blood cells, the development of metabolic enzymes and also for a range of immunological functions in the body. The absence of copper may result in anemia and a bunch of other health conditions promoted by a suppressed immune system. To put it simply, the trace amount of copper you receive drinking from an unlined copper mug is more likely to do you good than bad. Just make sure to never overdo it.

Myth 2- They’re difficult to clean

Pure who are new to copper or have never owned copper cookware assume it is very difficult to clean and maintain them. But in reality, it is surprisingly easy. There is the only thing that you should never do with your copper mug is to never put them in the microwave or in the dishwasher. All you need to clean the mug is a sponge and some soapy water. If you have some old copper mugs which have developed a patina over time, all you need is some baking soda and lemon juice and buff it out clean with a soft cloth.

Myth 3- They are super expensive

You can get solid pure copper mugs without spending too much. Copper mugs available in the market cost just about the same as a good quality regular mugs. On one hand, the regular mugs may last a few years; on the other hands, copper mugs will last you forever. A high-quality copper mug is an affordable and chic way to bring some sophistication to your kitchen. You can drink anything in your copper mug as long as it is not acidic or hot.

Myth 4- You can make a Moscow Mule without a copper mug

There is no Moscow Mule without the copper mug. The mug is just as important as any other ingredient of the drink. There is a reason why every single drink is served in its respective glass. Just like a martini is always served in a martini glass, a Moscow mule can only be served in a solid copper mug.