Copper Water Bottles

Pure Copper Thermos Bottle: An Affordable Alternative to your Expensive Water Purifiers

February 20, 2018

Using copper utensils for storing and drinking water is an ancient tradition. We are trying to keep alive the same tradition with our pure copper thermos bottle. After the invention of stainless steel, the practice of using copper utensils has almost vanished. Recent studies have suggested that when copper water is consumed on a regular […]

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Lose Weight With Pure Copper Water Bottles

February 15, 2018

Won’t it be great if you could lose weight just by drinking water? Well, if you are looking for easy tricks to lose weight then this simple trick is surely meant for you. It is said that drinking water stored in a copper water bottle overnight helps with losing weight. Copper treated water possesses the […]

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Drink Your Way to a Healthy Stomach With our Copper Water Bottle Plain Leak Proof

February 8, 2018

What if someone tells you that getting rid of all your health related issues is just a simple as drinking a glass of water? It may sound too good to be true but water stored in a copper utensil such as a copper water bottle can potentially treat all your stomach related issues without any […]

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Forget Your Health Woes with Our Copper Water Bottles Combo of 1000 and 600 ml Plain Leak-Proof

February 5, 2018

Bring a daily dose of health to your life with our copper water bottles combo of 1000 and 600 ml plain leak-proof. Copper is one of those metals which have always been a favorite of the human species for making tools and utensils. In fact, an entire era has been dedicated to the metal (Copper […]

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The Best Copper Water Bottles for Ayurvedic Benefit

February 2, 2018

It is a proven fact that water stored in copper utensils is beneficial for the overall health. Another proven fact is that when water is stored in a copper vessel for extended hours, it kills a considerate amount of bacteria present in the water making it suitable for drinking. This happens due to the oligodynamic […]

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The Perfect Drinking Combo- Pure Copper Hammered Water Bottle and Tumbler

January 31, 2018

Copper has innumerable health benefits and is also crucial for completing various bodily procedures as well. Copper is an antioxidant which helps to strengthen the immune system which then leads to faster healing of wounds, cuts or injuries. When water is stored in a copper vessel such as a copper bottle or copper tumbler, tiny […]

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