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Why you Need to Start using Copper Vessels for Drinking Water

Most people consider copper as a metal which is used for making wires and pipes, etc. But one thing that most people do not think of is that copper is a trace mineral which is crucial for maintaining good health. It is one of the most cherished minerals in holistic health. It is a must

The Amazing Benefits of Copper Water Bottle

Anyone would fall in love with the shiny, rose-gold and vintage looking water bottle. But copper water bottles are not just about the looks, they are known for the various health benefits as well. We all know how crucial it is to take care of our bodies and how our day to day schedule can

The Best Type of Reusable Water Bottle you Need to Get

There has been a long ongoing debate about how plastic water bottles are filling up the landfills and polluting the seabed. If stats are to be considered, almost eighty percent of the water bottles purchased end up in landfills. Not only that, water stored in plastic bottles often times get infused with chemicals, which damage

Are Plastic Water Bottles Harmful to Your Kids?

As a parent, are you constantly worried about the health of your child? If yes, then why do you let your child drink from a plastic water bottle every day? We all know very well that plastic is not only deteriorating our environment but is also hazardous to our health. Plastic can undeniably the worst

Why you Need to Try Copper Water Bottles Right Now

Copper water bottles are perfect for storing water It is a healthier option because copper naturally alkalizes the water and small amounts of the trace copper, which is a very important mineral required for several vital tasks of the body, gets leached into the water. It acts as a natural self-sterilizer. Copper has a fatal