Copper and Human Health

Copper is present everywhere around us in the form of a naturally occurring substance. Life evolves in this natural environment and the human species have developed this mechanism to manage the intake levels. Copper is required by the body as a part of a balanced diet.

We can obtain copper from various dietary sources. As a natural element, it can be found in many naturally occurring food items which we eat and as well as the water we drink. Our digestive system decides on how much copper the body requires and the rest of it is flushed out of the body.

Copper’s role in growth and development


Copper has numerous health benefits. it is essential for infant growth, red and white blood cell formation, iron absorption, bone strength, heart muscle contraction, glucose and cholesterol and brain development. Copper is very important for expecting mothers, for the proper development of the growing fetus. The WHO recommends a daily requirement of copper for adults as 20mg/kg and for children 50 mg/kg.

Copper deficiency is more likely to occur often as compared to copper toxicity and even in developed areas of the world such as America. Copper deficiency may result in health problems such as bone abnormalities, anemia, heat and circulation problems, and complications in the functioning of the immune system, thyroid, lungs, anemia, pancreas and kidneys.

Copper as a weapon against harmful bacteria

Approximately 4 million people in Europe acquire a health-associated infection every year and out of these around 40,000 dies. Tests performed in the labs under clinical environments prove that antimicrobial copper reduces bacteria and kills all the pathogen. The oligodynamic nature of copper helps to do so.

Keeping benefits of copper n mind anyone can start drinking copper treated water. Copper water also contains various health properties which may encourage a lot of people to reap the benefits of copper treated water.

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