Copper is an amazing hue as it can be used in both traditional and modern decor depending on its finish and shade. Normally copper has a brassy undertone and goes really well with an unpolished, rustic finish. Copper is the very first metal used by mankind to make utensils and since then the way copper is produced and utilized has been evolved, you cannot get more traditional than this.

But apart from looking traditional, copper can also look extremely modern as well. Rose gold, a hue obtained by combining copper and yellow gold is high on trend. A great way of adding a touch of copper to your kitchen without going overboard is by adding a kitchen appliance in the rose gold color.

Another great way of incorporating copper in your kitchen is by getting pure copper utensils such as copper pots and pans in your kitchen. These look both traditional and modern, plus you also get a huge variety to choose from as well.


If you have a traditional kitchen, you can benefit greatly by adding copper utensils to it. Heavy bottom copper pans are a great investment: they are stylish and make you feel like a professional chef. Utensils such as copper jugs, copper casserole, copper tumblers, copper frying pan, etc. will help achieve a similar effect.

For modern kitchens, electric copper appliances will add that contemporary effect. Copper electric kettle, copper stand mixers and copper toasters, etc, are the perfect options for the modern-chic vibe.

Apart from these accessories, you can incorporate copper in the actual décor of your kitchen by adding copper taps, copper sinks and copper kitchen top.

Art pieces created with copper can be very effective for adding a touch of copper to your kitchen as well. Copper is a very attractive and versatile metal to add to your kitchen and can be used to revamp your traditional as well as modern kitchen.