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The Only Time when Using a Copper Utensil is not Safe

Slowly and steadily copper is becoming very popular metal for making cookware and a lot of people are interested in getting in their hands on these beauties. But when it comes to using copper utensils, people are still a little skeptical about the safety aspect when using copper for cooking. This is because there are

Why Copper Cookware is the Best Type of Cookware

Ask a notable chef what his favorite type of cookware is and he is more likely to say copper cookware. Copper cookware is one of the most preferred cookware, used and recommended by chefs all across the globe. The popularity of the same could be bestowed to various properties of the reddish-brown metal, some of

Copper Cookware- A Long Lost Treasure

Copper is a material which has been used for manufacturing cookware for thousands of years. Copper artifacts dating back to 9,000 B.C. have been found in excavations in the Middle East. Apparently, the ancient Egyptians utilized copper to make vessels for storing water because they knew about the antibacterial properties of copper. By the 1800s,

Why are Copper Mugs the Best to Serve Moscow Mule ?

Great cocktails are not just made up by mixing and shaking a bunch of alcohols together. To make a great cocktail, you need the right ingredients along with the right technique and a presentation which would compel anyone to drink it. Moscow Mule is one of those American cocktails which are a cult favorite. Although

How to Incorporate Copper Accessories in Your Kitchen

Copper is an amazing hue as it can be used in both traditional and modern decor depending on its finish and shade. Normally copper has a brassy undertone and goes really well with an unpolished, rustic finish. Copper is the very first metal used by mankind to make utensils and since then the way copper

How to Select the Best Copper Ware

Copper utensils are making a comeback in everyone’s kitchen. The reason behind this is that copper articles look better than steelware and have certain special qualities. Yes, it is expensive to buy a copper frying pan but the money spent is worth it. Let us take a look at some ways you can choose the