Ask a notable chef what his favorite type of cookware is and he is more likely to say copper cookware. Copper cookware is one of the most preferred cookware, used and recommended by chefs all across the globe. The popularity of the same could be bestowed to various properties of the reddish-brown metal, some of which we are going to discuss in this article.

It is a good conductor of heat- As compared to iron and other popular cookware options such as stainless steel, copper certainly the most capable of conducting heat very well. When brought in contact of heat, the vessel quickly takes up the temperature and heat up evenly. This means when you adjust the flame the cookware will quickly adapt the change.

There is a reduced chance of burning the food- When cooking in copper cookware, the chances of burning the food gets reduced to a great extent. Copper helps with distributing the heat evenly, which leaves almost minimum chances of burning the food. Copper cookware is almost perfect for slow cooking.

It is more durable, safe, corrosion-resistant and hygienic- Unlike other cookware materials such as iron, non-stick, etc. copper does not corrode. With the passage of time, it does develop a patina which can easily be taken off with regular cleaning and polishing. It also has a high melting point which makes it ideal for preparing dishes which take a lot of time.

The food stays warm for longer- Copper cookware can trap heat for a longer duration, thus keeping the food hot for a longer time compared to cookware.

It is much more beautiful- Copper cookware is much more aesthetically pleasing when compared to other cookware and looks very beautiful. The reddish-brown color makes it look appealing and adds to its beauty. The gleaming surface of copper makes it stand out from the rest.

The cooking time is reduced- Copper is a great conductor of heat and thus reduces the overall cooking time. This not only makes sure that you spend less time in the kitchen and also save a lot of fuel as well. If you are using an induction stovetop, you will save some money on your electricity bill as well.

Easy to clean and maintain- A lot of people think that copper utensils are very difficult to maintain. But in reality, copper vessels are fairly simple to clean and maintain. For pure copperware, you can use various natural ingredients such as lemon and salt or salt and vinegar to clean them. For polished copperware, you can wash the copper vessel with normal soap and water.