How to Polish and Clean Copper Utensils

Copper is a beautiful metal in any form but in its polished and shiny form, its appearance gets doubled up. The only problem with copper utensils is that it tarnishes very quickly. Though that does not affect the efficiency of the product in any way it does not look very appealing to the eye. But that issue can be sorted very easily with the help of some simple ingredients which are already available in your pantry and that are lemon and salt.

Lemon and salt is the perfect combination if you are looking forward to cleaning your copper vessels. This combination works quickly and efficiently to get you amazing results. And within minutes you will see your copperware glimmering again.

All you need to do is cut the lemon in half, sprinkle some salt over it and scrub the surface of the pan with the lemon. Don’t worry, the salt particles won’t scratch the surface of your cookware. But if you are still concerned about your copperware you can prepare a less coarse paste of lemon and salt by combining the two in a bowl and then use it.

This paste can be applied to the more stubborn stains and should be left on for a longer duration for easy removal. Allow the paste to sit like that for half an hour while scrubbing with the lemon in between intervals. But if you are dealing with only normal patina and discoloration it won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

If you are falling short of lemon in the kitchen, you can also use vinegar as a substitute. But vinegar is less acidic as compared to lemons so the results will be less dramatic. Try to use lemon if you are looking forward to cleaning bigger pots and pans.   Cleaning Copper Vessels: Home Remedies

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