So, you have taken the bite and brought a copper jug or a copper water bottle for getting benefits of Ayurveda. But as you start drinking water, you will see the copper vessel getting oxidized and losing color. Soon it develops a dark color which you will not like. You will try cleaning with detergent and see that it hardly helps. So, what is the solution? Is it the expensive copper cleaning chemical available in the market? It is not suggested as you are using copper for drinking water and would not want to have chemicals in it. There are many simple ways of cleaning copper water jugs and you will find everything in your kitchen and fridge. Here are some ingenious ways to clean the copper water bottle you bought and keeping it shining bright always.

[i] The Vinegar and salt method – The ingredients required for this homemade cleaning recipe are table salt and vinegar which is found in every home. It not only cleans the copper vessel but keeps it shining for longer periods. Pour vinegar over the vessel and then sprinkle some table salt. Take a dry cloth and rub to remove the stains and tarnishes. Once you have removed all the stains just wash with lukewarm water. Now dry it with a soft cloth and your shining copper is back.

[ii] The Vinegar, water and salt method – Put a cup of vinegar (recommended white vinegar) and one table spoon of salt into a large pot. Now fill up the pot with water. Place the copper item in the pot and turn on the gas. Keep boiling, and you will see the tarnish come off. After all the tarnish ahs come off, cool it and wash with soap and rinse and dry to get the shine back.

[iii] The lemon salt method – What you need is used lemon peel and a bit of table salt. Rub the lemon peel all over dipping it in a bit of salt. Rub until all the tarnish is gone, and then rinse and dry with a dry soft cloth.

[iv] The flour, salt and vinegar paste – Add one tablespoon of salt in a cup of vinegar. Now add four carefully to make a paste. Remember the paste should not be too thin or too thick. Smear the paste all over the copper article. Leave it on for half an hour. Now rinse with warm water and polish with dry soft cloth. You can use dry wheat flour for polishing too.

[v] Cleaning with ketchup – Don’t be surprised, ketchup is really great way to clean the tarnishes from copper. Simply smear the ketchup on the copper article and leave it for a couple of minutes. Now scrub gently with a non-scratch pad. This method is really great for isolated tarnish patches.

There are many other ways to clean copper but these are the best of home recipes. Try and keep the copper shining!

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