How to Clean your Copper Cups Properly

The craze of copper mugs is such that people are switching their everyday drinkware to copper. The shiny metal has been used for making copper tumblers, cups and mugs around the globe and apart from its aesthetic value, there are so many benefits to it. Even after being so popular, people are still not aware

Prepare Natural Alkaline Water with Pure Copper Pitcher

Did you know that water stored in a copper pitcher has amazing health benefits? If not, then you are about to get stunned. Anyone who hears about the health benefits of a copper pitcher for the first couldn’t believe the fact that a normal looking vessel could actually add so much to the health. Why

What Type of Drinks can be Served in Copper Mugs

Since the ancient era, copper vessels such as copper mugs have been used as a drinking cup because of the flexible nature of the metal. An additional point is that the human body requires copper mineral which can be obtained by drinking from a copper mug. What is a copper mug? Copper mugs are basically

Copper Toxicity is a Real Thing and it May Happen to You

Copper is one of the 14 trace elements which are required by the humans in trace amounts in order to survive and function normally. It is mainly found in the brain and liver. But the thing with copper is that, it cannot be synthesized by the human body on its own and it needs to

Copper Cookware- A Long Lost Treasure

Copper is a material which has been used for manufacturing cookware for thousands of years. Copper artifacts dating back to 9,000 B.C. have been found in excavations in the Middle East. Apparently, the ancient Egyptians utilized copper to make vessels for storing water because they knew about the antibacterial properties of copper. By the 1800s,