Why are Copper Mugs the Best to Serve Moscow Mule ?

Great cocktails are not just made up by mixing and shaking a bunch of alcohols together. To make a great cocktail, you need the right ingredients along with the right technique and a presentation which would compel anyone to drink it. Moscow Mule is one of those American cocktails which are a cult favorite. Although

5 Foods Which Lower your Cholesterol Level

With eating out becoming a trend, it is very easy to fall prey to high cholesterol. The same way eating healthy food items can lower the cholesterol level significantly. This can be done by adding food items which lower the LDL which carries the bad cholesterol particles which then result in the clogging of arteries.

Why Copper Utensils Turn Black ?

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and distributes it evenly during the cooking process reducing the chances of burning the food. It also cooks the food much faster and without drying it out. Over the time, copper cooking pots may develop a black coating. This coating does not affect the quality of the pot

Effective Home Remedies to Cure Anemia

Anemia is caused when the red blood cells count in your body goes lower than required count. Red blood cells are required to bind the oxygen to the hemoglobin which then transported to various parts of the body. So, if you have a low red blood cells count then the different parts of the body

How to Control Diabetes

Living with diabetes is no less than a challenge. You need to keep a check on your diet all the time. What all you are eating and what time you are eating at can make a huge difference to your health. Diabetes is a serious disease as it cannot be cured and if not taken

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga not only provides instant gratification but also offers a long-lasting transformation. In the fitness world, both are very important. If you spend too much time without getting substantial results it can be extremely discouraging and the same routine week after week may lead to stagnation. Yoga is capable of transforming your mental and physical