Did you know that water stored in a copper pitcher has amazing health benefits? If not, then you are about to get stunned. Anyone who hears about the health benefits of a copper pitcher for the first couldn’t believe the fact that a normal looking vessel could actually add so much to the health.

Why should you drink from a copper pitcher?

As per Ayurveda, the ancient medical science, water stored in a copper is called Tamra Lal and is known to balance the three doshas in the human body i.e. vata, kapha and pitta. To explain it further, storing water in a copper hammered  pitcher turns it into alkaline water, which has various health benefits. Now, what are those benefits you might be thinking? Read on to know about those amazing health benefits.

Improves digestion- Drinking water stored in a copper pitcher can be great for your digestive system. The water cleanses the stomach and digestive tract and helps detoxify the kidneys and liver. It is also believed that it also improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals from food and helps encourage healthy rhythmic digestive cycles.

Supports a healthy immune system- Various scientific studies have determined that copper has oligodynamic properties i.e. it proves fatal to any microbes which come in its contact. Copper is well known to be effective against E.coli and S.aureus bacteria which are responsible for spreading waterborne diseases. It is a proven fact that water stored in a copper vessel for extended hours had no sign of bacteria in it.

Increased anti-oxidant intake- When water is stored in a copper pitcher, it gets infused with copper and anti-oxidants. Those antioxidants help with the regeneration of new skin cells and fight off free radicals which may accelerate the appearance of aging. Drinking copper infused water slows down the aging process and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Supports thyroid health- Studies have suggested that several people with issues with thyroid often have copper deficiency. Although copper deficiency is more common in people with hyperthyroidism, people with hypothyroidism may also have it. Drinking water from a copper pitcher can help with fulfilling the copper deficiency and thereby help with keeping up with the health of your thyroid gland.