Since the ancient era, copper vessels such as copper mugs have been used as a drinking cup because of the flexible nature of the metal. An additional point is that the human body requires copper mineral which can be obtained by drinking from a copper mug.

What is a copper mug?

Copper mugs are basically drinking mugs made of copper and lined on the inside with either stainless steel or tin. Copper mugs, in general, have been used by various cultures for thousands of years, since copper has been available in abundance. Through the years, copper mugs have evolved, and changed in shapes, sizes and use, depending on the type of copper and its place of origin.

The specialty of a copper mug is that it can keep a hot beverage hot and a cold beverage cold for longer durations when compared to other materials.

Drinks served in a copper mug

Since copper is able to maintain the temperature of its contents, copper mugs can be used for serving a variety of drinks. Plus, the handle makes it easier to hold and carry.

Copper mugs are most popular for serving an alcoholic beverage called the Moscow Mule. When serving a Moscow Mule, it is almost mandatory to use a copper mug. It is a combination which you can’t ignore.

A lot of vodka-based drinks are also served in copper moscow mule  mugs as well. Cocktails with vodka or gin are also preferably served in copper mugs.

Though not a popular practice, but hot beverages can also be served in pure copper mugs as well. Hot chocolate, eggnog, etc. are often served in copper mugs.

The copper mugs can also be used for drinking plain water as well.