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The Health Benefits, Sources and Dosage of Copper

Copper is a crucial trace mineral which is present in every single cell of the body. Copper, along with amino acids, proteins and fatty acids are important for the normal metabolic processes. Copper is the third most important mineral found in the human body. It helps with maintaining a healthy metabolism which is important for

Health Benefits and Sources of Copper

Copper is an essential trace mineral which is required for the survival of the human body. It is present in all body tissues and plays an active role in the production of red blood cells, maintaining the immune system and the health of nerve cells. Copper is an essential trace mineral which is required for the

What is Copper and How Does it Benefit You?

When you hear about it at first, copper may seem like an odd mineral to find in your body, but it is present in your body and is very crucial for your health. It helps with the development of strong tissues, regulates blood volume and helps with the production of energy at a cellular level.

Copper and its Many Benefits

Copper has been used to cure many ailments since ancient times. It was the metal that introduced metallurgy to the human race. The lustrous, shiny orange color and its availability above the surface of the earth led to its discovery. It was used in making tools, jewelry, utensils and also weapons. Copper has also been