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Amazing Health Benefits of Wearing a Copper Bracelet

It has been considered that wearing a copper bracelet has therapeutic effects on the body. Records have been found for as old as the Egyptian civilization to prove the usage of copper for the same purpose. Pure copper bracelets have long been considered for their invisible therapeutic properties such as easing pain and inflammation. Unless you are not allergic to the metal, copper bracelets or rings can be worn to improve the immunity and energy level.

Stiffness and pain in joints- Thousands of people have felt relief from joint problems and pain with copper. Chronic health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are also believed to be controlled with the regular usage of copper bracelets. In fact, wearers have often reported improvement in their condition since they started wearing the bracelet. But this healing effect has not yet been scientifically verified. The anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

Mineral absorption- Copper bracelets also have micro minerals such as zinc and iron. When these minerals combine with sweat, they get into the blood stream and benefit the body. As per some studies, the minerals absorbed via sweat are absorbed much better by the body as compared to the minerals taken orally. When absorbed through blood the minerals get absorbed directly into the blood stream.

Improved cardiovascular health- Deficiency in copper may lead to aortic aneurysms in which the aorta which carries the fresh oxygenated blood to the body becomes overstretched and weak. Studies have proved that deficiency of copper in the body may create an imbalance in the body leading to increased cholesterol level which is damaging to the heart and the body. In order to avoid any such heart conditions, one should maintain a healthy level of copper in the body by wearing pure copper bracelets.

Better immune system- When copper is worn as a bracelet, very minute particles of copper get absorbed by the body in very negligible quantities. Copper nullifies the toxic effect of other harmful metals in the body. When the toxic metals are abolished from the body, copper can work on increasing the content of hemoglobin in the body thus resulting in better immunity and overall health.

Anti-aging– Copper has anti-oxidant properties which prevent free radicals from increasing the toxicity within the body. The anti-aging properties of copper are very well known and help in improving the collagen density and fiber elasticity thus slowing down the aging process both from the inside and the outside. This way you will not only look young but will also feel young. more detail visit

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