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Copper Bracelet and Its Uses

For thousands of years, copper has been used for various medical purposes as mentioned in some of the earliest available records. The ancient Egyptian medical book, Smith Papyrus, suggests copper as a remedy to sterilize wounds and water for drinking. The use of copper bracelets can be traced back to the Iron Age which was

How Much Copper do You Need Every Day to Stay Healthy

Copper is a vital mineral found in all our body tissues. It is an essential component of many enzymes found in the body. Some of the common symptoms of copper deficiency may include: Hypochromic anemia Neutropenia Bone abnormalities Impaired immune functions Altered cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. Copper deficiency is more common in children as compared

Amazing Health Benefits of Wearing a Copper Bracelet

It has been considered that wearing a copper bracelet has therapeutic effects on the body. Records have been found for as old as the Egyptian civilization to prove the usage of copper for the same purpose. Pure copper bracelets have long been considered for their invisible therapeutic properties such as easing pain and inflammation. Unless

Anxiety and Copper and Zinc

Anxiety is one of the common emotions felt by everybody. But when this anxiety goes haywire and becomes chronic it can be bad for health in general. It can lead to GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). It is quite worrisome as this disorder is very unpredictable. The worry and tension are present always and a triggering