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Can Copper Water Cure Vitiligo ?

When it comes to vitiligo, a majority of people think that it is an incurable condition. But as compared to all the contemporary treatments and medicines, there is one traditional treatment which has been used by many to achieve positive results. This at-home remedy for treating vitiligo is used by people all over the world. This remedy is drinking copper treated water every day. In order to learn how this natural remedy works to correct the effect of vitiligo.

Copper Water

Copper Water Pitcher with matching tumblers By storing fresh drinking water in a copper utensil and then keeping it overnight, you can prepare copper treated water. Once you start drinking this copper water on a regular basis you will start noticing a difference in your patches within six months. Drinking copper infused water every day has been shown to improve the appearance of the patches. You will start noticing the patches going away as the melanin production starts kicking in.

The secret to treating the depigmentation of the skin lies in drinking water infused with copper particles in it. A pure copper utensil such as a copper jug, a copper water bottle or a copper tumbler can easily be purchased from our online store Copper Utensils Online. We stock up a wide variety of copper utensils from which you can choose the one most suitable for you.

How does copper help to treat vitiligo?

The copper ions dissolved in the water are known to stimulate melanin, which helps in increasing the chances of getting the pigmentation back on the patches, thus assisting the body to naturally rectify the effects of vitiligo. For some people, the patches become less visible while there are also people who reported that their patches disappeared with regular consumption of copper water. But the results may vary from person to person.

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