Why do you Need to Quit Drinking Bottled Water

We do not think once before getting a bottle of packaged drinking water. Obviously, it seems like a convenient option especially when you are on the go. But do you realize that this one bottle of water it adding up to the destruction of the environment? Here is how plastic water bottles are ruining our environment and each of us is just as responsible as the other.

  • Plastic water bottles are one of the main sources of pollution of our sea shores. Around one-tenth of the plastic produced each year ends up in the sea.
  • One of the biggest reasons why plastic water bottles are the worst is that plastic takes a much longer time to decompose, probably a million years.
  • Selling bottled water is a highly profitable business for the manufacturers, who charge a hefty price for a bottle of water which actually costs just pennies.
  • Plastic water bottles are definitely not a healthy option for storing and drinking water. Most plastic water bottles contain BPA (an industrial chemical) which is harmful to the health. Along with this, there are other chemicals as well which gets leached into the water and can make you sick in different ways over the year.
  • Twice as much water is used for the production of a bottle of water as the amount used to fill it up. To put it in simple words, 2 liters of water is wasted to fill up a water bottle of 1 liter.
  • Three tons of carbon dioxide is released into the air for the production of a ton of PET plastic.
  • There is no proof whatsoever to prove that the bottled water you get in the market is in any way healthier than your tap water. The bottled water is regulated by the FDA and most of the packaged water is never really tested for any contaminations.
  • PET plastic bottles (the ones used by all the packaged water brands) are equivalent to half of the plastic collected for the recycling program by the municipality. But even after that only 20-25% of these water bottles get recycled and the rest is thrown away to contaminate the environment.

A better alternative, in fact, the best alternative to plastic water bottles is pure copper water bottles. Not only are copper water bottles free of any harmful chemicals they also add to the betterment of the health as well. Regular consumption of copper water helps in preventing a number of diseases as well.


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