Much has been written about drinking water from copperware. Drinking water from copper water jugs and copper water bottles have become more prevalent in recent times with more and more people doing it. So, are the benefits real as claimed by Ayurveda? You have to experience it to know whether it works or not, and the second thing is what are these benefits? Copper charged mentioned in Ayurveda as Tamara Jal balances all three body types “Vata”, “Pitta” and “Kapha”. How does copper change the water? Ayurveda has described the process in which the copper ions leach into the water over a minimum period of four hours. The water never becomes stale and can be stored for long periods. The benefits of this water are as follows:

Increases the proficiency of the digestive system – In modern lifestyle and different kinds of food ingestion, digestive problems are very common. Gas, acidity, and indigestion really take away the energy from life. Here copper charged water helps you. Thye copper ions in Tamara jal stimulate the movement of stomach muscles helping in the digestion process. The anti-microbial property of copper also helps to fight infections. This property also helps to detoxify the stomach making it more functional. Thus the absorption power of the stomach walls is enhanced increasing the usefulness of nutrients. The way to get all these benefits is to drink one glass of copper water early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Helps in losing weight – Having fiber rich foods and drinking copper water along with it can prove to be very effective way of weight loss. Copper present in water helps in breaking down big fat molecules into smaller ones thus reducing fat deposition, and proper synthesis of fat cells. This helps in getting rid of excess fat quickly.

Helps in healing – Anti-bacterial and anti-viral property of copper can be sued to heal external and internal wounds. It reduces inflammation of internal wounds and helps the healing of external wounds as well. Copper works in two ways to achieve this. First, it hinders the growth of bacteria and disinfects the wound and second it improves the immune system helping in speedy recovery.

Keeps you young for a longer time – Appearance of fine wrinkles on face due to pollution and aging can be reduced by drinking copper charged water. Copper is a strong anti-oxidant and helps form new cells thus slowing down the aging process. Copper ions also act as a catalyst for the formation of new skin cells, thus making the skin smooth and glowing.

Copper is great for heart health – The property and ability to break down fat cells make copper good for the heart. It widens the arteries by removing the fat deposition. It also helps regulate the blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. These three things significantly reduce the risk of heart-related ailments for people who drink copper charged water regularly.

Thus drinking water from a copper cup or copper tumbler after keeping it overnight in a copper water jug is really beneficial for general health and well-being. So, start drinking a large glass of Tamara jal to get all the benefits.

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