Using a copper utensil for drinking water and eating food is coming into fashion again. It is good for health and also is a trace element required by body. Now revolutionary products which are textile containing copper like Qoperfina are being made. It blends the copper with natural fiber and protects against harmful pathogens and also guards against electromagnetic frequencies.

Since ancient times copper has been known to man as a protection against infection. The shiny metal was used in making blades for surgery by Shushruta the father of surgery, and also used by Egyptians in treating wound infection. Western medicine is still discovering and accepting the magical properties of copper against microbes. Copper blended textiles are a novel addition of natural medicine which will go a long way in improving the health of people all over the world.

Copper blended Fabric Protects against Microbes and Prevents Spread of Disease

After hospital beds and door handles being plated with copper for preventing disease spread, the new revolutionary copper blend textiles are also proving to be very useful against microbes spread. The yarn made from blending can be used to make apparel, intimate wear, socks and home textiles.

The cloth made of copper has natural germ fighting capability. Cupron Inc. an Israeli company has research to back the good effects of copper on human health. According to the research by the company the copper blended clothing can help prevent fungal spread like the athlete’s foot. This is great result for athletes who sweat a lot and fungal infections are a real threat for them.

Copper Textile also Protects against Harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies

In the age of computers, wireless routers and smart phones, we are always experiencing harmful electromagnetic frequencies. This is hazardous for health and causes problems like disrupted sleep, hormonal issues and infertility. Long term exposure can also cause cardio vascular diseases and the life threatening cancer. The copper blended fabric helps to protect against the EMF pollution. It also helps to recover from the harmful effects of EMF.

The fiber helps the skin to absorb the copper and helps produce some really nice pharmacological effects. It can give relief in arthritis, stress, osteoporosis and even rheumatic heart.

So, copper is coming into our lives bringing health in many ways. Still many properties are being discovered. The shiny metal is indeed a boon for man.

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