Anxiety is one of the common emotions felt by everybody. But when this anxiety goes haywire and becomes chronic it can be bad for health in general. It can lead to GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). It is quite worrisome as this disorder is very unpredictable. The worry and tension are present always and a triggering moment can really be bad for the individual. It is also very common for GAD patients to become depressed. Generally vitamin deficiency has been attributed to this ailment particularly B6 and B12. One more remedy is to increase the Magnesium intake by the individual. But recent study revealed that GAD is due to very rare minerals present in our body known as trace elements. The two of them that compete with each other are Copper and Zinc.

Proper Copper/Zinc Ratio Linked to Anxiety

Decrease in any of the trace elements whether it is zinc or Copper leads to chronic anxiety as revealed in a study. Copper Utensils used by our ancestors were meant to put Copper in our daily diet. This trace element had good effect on the neurons growth, which was effective in controlling the anxiety emotions.

Study further reveals that Copper to Zinc levels should be in the ratio of 7 is to 1. That is 7 parts Copper to 1 part Zinc. If the copper level dips below this ratio it can lead to anxiety disorders. Copper and Zinc ratio is very important of transmitting signals from the brain. If copper levels are high it could also led to neurological disorders like anxiety and even Schizophrenia. So, the need for medical science is to build and effective test that can be done to monitor the trace elements, and make it economic enough for the general public. This will help to reduce the number of anxiety related ailments. You just have to follow a certain diet.

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