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Treat Your Health Well With Our Copper Fanta Water Bottle

Since the invention of plastic and stainless steel, the practice of drinking water from copper utensils has taken a back seat. This is mainly because of the notion that as compared to copper these two are much easier to maintain. However, there have been studies to prove that water stored in copper vessels has several

Copper Helps to Regulate Signaling System in the Brain

The brain has been a medical enigma even after hundreds of years of research. The man has been able to know the secrets of the gene the building block of data but brain transmits the signals which make us function like we do, has not been unraveled yet. Here comes in the ancient metal copper

Copper Deficiency Can Be Fatal For Babies

What used to be rare earlier is abundant now. What is it? Deficiency of copper is the answer to the question. The reasons are (1)  Lesser use of copper vessels for dining (2)  The increasing pollution levels (It is a known fact that copper helps remove toxins) (3) Increased use of chemicals in our daily

Cleaning Copper Vessels: Home Remedies

So, you have taken the bite and brought a copper jug or a copper water bottle for getting benefits of Ayurveda. But as you start drinking water, you will see the copper vessel getting oxidized and losing color. Soon it develops a dark color which you will not like. You will try cleaning with detergent

Copper and its Effect on Infection and Health

The anti-microbial benefits of copper are now well known. This property is now being well used by medical centers around the world to minimize infections. It is quite useful in preventing infection in hospitals which have patients with a plethora of pathogens. While keeping the hands clean is still the best way to avoid infection