Since the invention of plastic and stainless steel, the practice of drinking water from copper utensils has taken a back seat. This is mainly because of the notion that as compared to copper these two are much easier to maintain. However, there have been studies to prove that water stored in copper vessels has several health benefits. The best part about copper is that it kills the germs present in the water, thus making the water perfectly safe for drinking. The oligodynamic effect of copper naturally filters the water without using the fancy procedures such as reverse osmosis and UV treatment. Research has shown that water stored overnight in copper utensils can kill almost all the bacteria and germs present in it.

Our fanta bottle is crafted from the finest quality copper and comes with a screw lid cap. The stylish looks and shiny exterior of the bottle will make you carry this glistening beauty everywhere you go. This bottle will not only get you a lot of compliments but you can also add a healthy habit simultaneously to your daily routine. You can carry the water bottle in your backpack for the day, take it to your yoga class or gym, keep on your bedside or office desk or even gift to someone you really care for.

As you keep using the bottle, you will notice a slight change in the color which is normal for copper utensils. A little care goes a long way for copper vessels. So in order to keep your copper  water bottle just as good as a new one, make sure to clean it regularly with salt and lemon. Dip half a lemon in salt and gently rub the bottle with it. Leave the bottle like that for 15-20 minutes and then rub it again with the lemon. Now rinse the bottle with warm or plain cold water. Wipe off the excess water from the surface of the water bottle and air dry.