The Best Copper Water Bottle For Ayurvedic Benefits

Lose Weight With Pure Copper Water Bottles

February 15, 2018

Won’t it be great if you could lose weight just by drinking water? Well, if you are looking for easy tricks to lose weight then this simple trick is surely meant for you. It is said that drinking water stored in a copper water bottle overnight helps with losing weight. Copper treated water possesses the […]

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The Best Copper Water Bottles for Ayurvedic Benefit

February 2, 2018

It is a proven fact that water stored in copper utensils is beneficial for the overall health. Another proven fact is that when water is stored in a copper vessel for extended hours, it kills a considerate amount of bacteria present in the water making it suitable for drinking. This happens due to the oligodynamic […]

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Plastic Bottles or Copper Bottles, It is your choice. Healthy Body or Complications Come with Your Choice

June 11, 2016

Have you wondered why our ancestors ate most of their food in silver plates and drank water from copper utensils? By now most of us know that storing drinking water in even the best quality plastic bottles really poses a serious potential health hazard. So, while they are convenient, cheap and an indispensable part of our […]

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