Everyone loves the aroma of roasted coffee beans. When the roasted beans are ground fine the taste of coffee increases. This is the first step in making Turkish coffee. The finely ground coffee powder is then simmered in a very popular as . It generally comes with a brass handle for holding. copper ware Turkish coffee maker .

Now let us know some history behind this unique way of making coffee. Coffee came to Istanbul the capital city of Turkey way back in 1555 during the reign of Sultan Suleiman from Yemen where these beans were discovered in 11th century. In the Ottoman palace, the cook discovered a new way of making coffee which is now known worldwide as Turkish coffee. In this method, coffee beans were slow roasted in the Tandoor and then finely ground in the stone mortar. The outcome of the grinding was fine coffee powder.

This powder was then slowly cooked in water over charcoal fire ash. The method even surprised the governor from Yemen who had gifted the beans to Sultan. Soon coffee spread to all parts of Turley from Istanbul and became a national drink. The Sultan was so pleased that he created a new post of coffee cook in his kitchen known in local language as kahvecibaşı. In written records of Turkish history, the chief coffee maker even rose to become the Vizier (Prime Minister). The coffee was brewed in a copper pot known as cezve. This copperware was uniquely designed then and the design is still retained until today.

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