If you want to serve a drink chilled and in the royal way, copper mugs are the best. The copper Moscow Mule mug can be used for other drinks also without much fuss. But a pertinent question is, why copper mugs? Well, that is the reason for writing this blog post. It is to try and clear any wrong concepts and share good knowledge. Read on to discover more about this amazing piece of Copper Utensil.

Copper Mugs keep drinks cool for longer duration – Copper is a natural heat conductor, and this is the reason pots used to heat food or water are plated with copper. This is the reason behind copper keeping drinks cool. Being a good conductor copper distributes temperature across the whole copper vessel. This means that even if you have half filled the cup the whole cup will be cool. So, unlike Glassware you will need only a couple of ice cubes.

Copper Mug is safe to drink from – Copper is an element that is required by our body in small (trace) quantities. However, too much of copper can cause malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. Most of the copper mugs are lined with steel, lacquer or nickel making it very safe to drink from. One or two drinks can be had from a pure copper Moscow Mule mug without the danger of copper poisoning.

Moscow Mules are always served in copper mugs – Yes traditionally Moscow Mule is a drink that is drunk in a copper mug. When the drink was invented it was popularized as a drink which is drunk from a copper mug and it has stayed that way ever since. The same mug can be used for drinking beer or vodka. After all, these are the main ingredients of Moscow Mule.

Cleaning and caring for copper mugs – This seems difficult to do as the copper mugs cannot be cleaned by common dishwashing liquids and soaps. The inner lining of nickel may be chipped if you wash it in a dishwasher. So, you should clean it by hand using a soft cloth and mild soap. For keeping the tarnish away, clean using lemon juice and salt every week.

Copper enhances the taste of drinks – Moscow Mule when not drunk in copper mugs tastes a bit different and less exciting. Copper mugs add the little bit of taste and style to the drink which makes it popular.

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