Why are Copper Pots best for Jam Making

Unlined copper pans and pots are often correlated with food toxicity but when it comes to jam making unlined copper pots are considered your best bet. Several top-notch jam makers swear by unlined copper pots for preparing jam. Copper pots are mainly preferred for jam making because of their amazing heat conductivity.

The amazing heat conduction means the jam will be ready in the much shorter duration of time. Making jam in the copper pot allows to preserve more flavor and texture of the jam. While cooking jam in copper pots, over boiling of the jam can be avoided and this will enhance the taste of the jam without affecting the quality. Another amazing feature of copper is the even distribution of heat which means you don’t have to stir the content too often throughout the process of cooking.

Copper pots also respond well to heat changes. When the heat is turned off the contents almost stop boiling instantly. When the heat is reduced or increased the change in the temperature can be witnesses accordingly. With a big copper pot, a big batch of jam can be prepared in a very little time that too with precision and perfection.


The only trick to prevent metal toxicity

The main thing that needs to be considered while using a copper jam pot is to put the fruits in the pan only after combing them with the sugar. If the fruits are put into the pan directly, they will react with the metal and will make the jam toxic. When the acidic fruits and sugar are combined together it prevents the concoction to not react with the metal leaving no chance for metal poising. This is the reason why jam is prepared in unlined copper pans and still don’t cause any problem to the jam eaters.

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