Is Copper Cookware a Safe Option

In order to answer this question, it is first important to understand that why copper is crucial for the human body. Copper is amongst those minerals which cannot be synthesized by the human body on its own but is very important for sustaining a healthy life. Copper is required by the body to attach calcium to the bones and ligaments, it helps in releasing energy and in fighting off the infections while keeping the immune system strong. But when large amounts of copper start building up in the body, you can see the adverse effects almost immediately.

What is copper poisoning?

Copper toxicity is nothing but an increased level of copper in the body. There are several ways in which the body may ingest the metal but the most common one is when copper pans are used regularly for cooking food. For this, it is important to keep in mind that the copper utensils are lined with a metal which non-reactive in nature such as tin, stainless steel, etc.

Also, people who live in the area where the water contains a high amount of copper in it are most commonly dealing with increased amount of copper in their body.


Why is copper cookware safe for cooking?

Most copper cookware is lined with some sort of a non-reactive material such as tin or stainless steel which prevents copper poisoning. While copper cookware acts as the perfect option for cooking meals faster and looks aesthetically appealing, it should not come in direct contact with the food during the cooking process.

This is especially true while cooking acidic or tart food items as they may react with the metal much more quickly. This process of leaching may take place over a period of time so if you use copper utensils for cooking make sure you do not cook acidic food items in your copper pots and pans. Also, keep a check on the lining of the pan, if it has started wearing out get it fixed or change the pan.

With all the facts mentioned above, it can be stated that copper utensils are absolutely safe for cooking if all the precautions are taken care of. Cooking in lined copperware is just like cooking in any other copperware, it is easy to use and easy to clean.

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