Why is Copper a Preferred Metal for Various Industrial Uses?

The red metal, copper is the most electrically conductive metal out of all. The electrical properties of the metal combined with its malleability and ductility has favored it to become an important aspect of the telecommunication world.

Physical properties of copper

  • Strength- Copper is comparatively a weak metal with a low tensile strength. This is why copper is easily formed by hand and is not a good choice for creating structures.
  • Toughness- Copper may not be a strong metal but it is tough and not easily breakable. This property helps while manufacturing piping and tubing applications as a rupture might be expensive as well as dangerous.
  • Ductility- Copper is both highly malleable and ductile. The electrical, as well as the jewelry industries, have benefitted from these properties of copper.
  • Conductivity- After silver, copper is the second most excellent conductor of electricity as well as heat. This is the reason why copper is perfect for making cookware as it absorbs the heat well and distributes it evenly.

History of the metal

Archeological surveys suggest that copper was the first metal used by Neolithic mankind. Around 10,000 years ago, copper was the only metal used to carve out tools alongside stones. Most of the copper mined during the Roman Empire came from Cyprus and was known as cyprium and later came to be known as copper. By the time it was 600 BC people started using it as a medium of monetary exchange as well.

Copper in the marketplace

The six major categories which utilize copper in abundance are namely building wire, automotive, plumbing and heating, refrigeration, power utilities and air conditioning. The global copper consumption in the year 2014 was estimated at 21 million metric tons.

Copper is extracted from ores rich in copper sulfides. These types of mines are found in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Once the copper has been refined it can be sold in different industrial forms or as copper cathodes. Copper is also recyclable which means we have one more source of copper apart from the limited reserves that we use.


Importance of copper in the health industry

Lately, the health industry has boomed ever so much and when talking about copper, we know that these two go hand in hand. Copper water is known for its amazing health benefits and with people getting more and more cautious about their health, the demand for copper water bottlescopper jugs, and copper tumblers have surged up high. This has lead to an increased demand for copper in the health industry.

Interesting facts about copper

  1. Copper is a high-quality electrical conductor but even after that most of the electrical lines in the world are made with aluminum as it is cheaper in cost but is equally effective.
  2. The statue of liberty is made of 62,000 pure copper and the green color of the statue is the patina that it has developed over the years.
  3. Copper is one of those few metals which can be found in its original form and thus was one of the first metals to be used by humans.

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