We focus so much on the importance of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, and zinc all the time. We always ensure that we get enough of these minerals in our diet by eating all types of foods and taking supplements to fulfill the requirement. However, a majority of people don’t know that copper is just as important for maintaining a healthy life.

Copper is crucial for human health. It is required on a daily basis to fulfill various bodily functions such as the production of the red blood cells, absorption of iron, etc. The major source to obtain copper is through our diet or supplements, as the human body cannot synthesize copper on its own. Water stored in copper utensils such as copper water bottle is also a great way to fulfill the daily requirement of copper.

But it is also crucial to keep in mind that the deficiency, as well as excess of copper, can affect the health adversely. But the much more common one is definitely the deficiency of copper which may occur due to the low level of copper in diet or drinking water. This may sometimes lead to death as well.

And like everything, too much of copper can also mess up things for you and make you sick. The most serious thing that could happen with excess copper in your body is your stomach getting upset for short duration or diarrhea. This may be caused by the increased concentration of copper in your stomach lining and irritating it to cause trouble.

So how much copper do we actually need?

The quantity of copper you need depends on various factors such as age, health, your daily activities, etc. The recommended amount of copper for children is 0.34mh/day. For adult men and women, the minimum recommended amount of copper required is 0.9 mg/day.

What are the benefits of having copper in your water?

Copper water is a simple and convenient method to fulfill the daily requirement of copper. Storing water in a copper vessel is supposed to kill all the bacteria present in the water making it pure and consumable. It also adds copper ions to the water which add healing properties to it.