What if someone tells you that getting rid of all your health related issues is just a simple as drinking a glass of water? It may sound too good to be true but water stored in a copper utensil such as a copper water bottle can potentially treat all your stomach related issues without any medicines. Ayurveda, the ancient medical science has been used water therapy for ages to cure several diseases. When water is stored in copper utensils, tiny particles of copper leaches into the water making the water copper charged. This copper charged water is very beneficial for our body as it is loading with healing properties. Regular consumption of this water helps in improving the digestive system and preventing fat deposition.

Our copper water bottle plain leak-proof 1000 ml is the modern way of storing and drinking copper treated water. Our plain copper water bottle is joint-less and thus leak-proof which makes it the perfect option to carry with you. The shiny copper surface adds to the beauty of the product. Water stored in copper water bottle also stays fresh and cold for the entire day. With our copper water bottle, be prepared to get a whole bunch of compliments at your office, gym or yoga classes.

One of the common attributes of copper utensils is that they develop a patina on their surface with the passage of time and regular usage. People who are unaware of this natural process consider the product to be of bad quality. But in reality, it is very common for copperware to develop a patina. The development of the patina can be avoided easily by cleaning your copper water bottle with a solution of salt and lemon twice a week.