Ayurveda recommends the use of copper and has a great appreciation for it. Copper has been a crucial metal for the development and evolution of the human race. Ayurveda suggests the use of copper for various purposes including storage of water.

The application of copper as mentioned in Ayurveda is one of the oldest examples of practicing preventive natural health and trace mineral supplementation.

Destroy germs- The oligodynamic nature or the self-sterilizing properties of copper is what make it different from other metals. Modern science explains the oligodynamic effect as the inherently toxic effect of the metal on microbes. This effect is fairly strong in copper and is effective in killing some of the most resistant bacteria present.

Protect from water-borne infections- Infectious diseases often spread through drinking water and are a major threat to public health. Therefore, storing drinking water in a copper vessel such as copper water bottle or copper pitcher before consuming is a simple and effective way to be safe.


Provides trace copper- Storing and drinking water from a copper vessel is a great way to provide the body with a regular supply of trace copper. When water is stored in a copper vessel, traces of copper leach into the water making it copper charged. Those who are deficient in copper or want to fulfill their daily requirement of copper should definitely try drinking copper infused water on a regular basis.

Copper plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the body. As per the modern science, copper is required for a number of important bodily functions on a day to day basis such as:

  • Helping with the sensory information flow through the nervous system
  • It also a potent anti-inflammatory agent which helps in recovering from physical injuries faster.
  • It helps keep the hair and skin strong and healthy.
  • It helps with the digestion of the food properly, resulting in reduced fat storage.