Copper is a material which has been used for manufacturing cookware for thousands of years. Copper artifacts dating back to 9,000 B.C. have been found in excavations in the Middle East. Apparently, the ancient Egyptians utilized copper to make vessels for storing water because they knew about the antibacterial properties of copper. By the 1800s, people realized another property of copper which was being a good insulator as well as an amazing conductor.

Copper is an essential trace mineral required by the human body for its day to day functions. Copper helps with the production of red blood cells, maintain healthy nerves, boost immunity and grow healthy bones. Since our body cannot synthesize copper on its own, it has to rely on dietary sources to get the required amount of copper. Copper can be obtained from food items such as shellfish, dark leafy greens, whole grains and dried fruits, etc.

When you consider copper as a metal to be used for making cookware, it is lighter than cast-iron but conducts heat much better. The superior heat conductivity means that you can reach precise temperatures when using copper cookware. As you change the flame, the temperature of the pan changes almost immediately and gets you the desired results. The thermal heat conductivity of copper ensures that the heat is distributed evenly over the pan and ensures that the food cooks evenly. So, not only copper cookware helps with better results but also helps with saving energy. Along with that, copper is 100% renewable and recyclable.

If you put aside all these factors, another great advantage of copper is its aesthetic appeal. The metal is beautiful in itself. Copper is also preferred over other metals such as cast iron because copper pots and pans are not only lightweight but are also sturdy enough to place on the stove. It is a durable metal as it does not rust or corrode. The oligodynamic nature of copper, which means it has a fatal effect on germs and microbes, is another plus.

But even with all these properties, people today are not eager to use copperware for cooking. The main reason for it is, that copper is an expensive material and it takes a lot of care to keep and maintain them. But if you decide to spend a little more money and give in some extra effort to keep your copperware clean, there is nothing better than using copperware for cooking on a daily basis.