What used to be rare earlier is abundant now. What is it? Deficiency of copper is the answer to the question. The reasons are
(1)  Lesser use of copper vessels for dining

(2)  The increasing pollution levels (It is a known fact that copper helps remove toxins)

(3) Increased use of chemicals in our daily lives (The best examples can be found in the way we eat).

A study at Washington Medical School of medicine in St. Louis found that deficiency of copper can also lead to defects in birth. The research found that the deficiency of the reddish brown element leads to a rare genetic disorder called “Menkes disease”. This disease affects the copper absorption, and the child has the maximum life span of 10 years. Copper contributes in the early growth of the embryo, and is essential for the formation of notochord which later becomes the spinal cord. Improper growth can also lead to curved spine in babies which is a fatal condition. The experiment was done on fish eggs and the effect were quite revealing.

More than ever, copper deficiency is a much common problem which we do not realize. The reason is the depletion of copper as a mineral from soil due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers like phosphates. The fertilizers have a permanent effect on the soils depleting copper, as the mineral is found on the surface more than other minerals. The knowledge of this depletion is leading towards more and more copper supplements.

But is food supplement the answer to the problem? Well, the cost of the supplements means very few have access to them. The better way off is to use copper jugs for storing water for drinking and using copper cooking accessories. While using copper jugs for storing water, you also activate the germ -killing capability of water. Copper is naturally able to remove up to 99.99% of pathogens from water and the water also contains copper which is essential for metabolism. So, if you want normal babies and a normal life full of energy activate Ayurveda in your life and carry copper water bottles to office . That is the answer to drinking water problems and also the copper deficiency which is a worldwide problem.

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