If you knew that you couldn’t survive without copper, you would surely drink water kept in a copper jug. Copper is an essential trace element which is a part of vital organ functions in human body. It is found in skeletal muscles, kidneys, heart, brain, and liver. It also helps to form collagen which is required for absorption of iron in our body which is what generates energy within our body. Copper is found in mother’s milk for a newborn. That is how important copper is for life. Let us take a closer look at some of the body functions it regulates and effects.

Helps in Cognitive Functions – Copper in the right amount helps the brain to function and grow properly. Deficiency or excess of copper can damage brain tissues. It has been found in a recent research that proper intake of copper daily through food and water helps the patients of Alzheimer’s. Children who drink cow’s milk may suffer from copper deficiency as cow’s milk does not have amount of copper required by human newborns. So, the best way to encounter this is to use copper utensils for giving the child water.

Copper Helps Fight Infection – Inadequate intake of copper can help impair the growth of neutrophils a kind of white blood cells. These white blood cells fight off infection in the human body. If these cells are in lesser number the immune system takes a beating. The body will be thus susceptible to infections. Thus when you are diagnosed with copper deficiency, take it seriously and get it rectified.

Bone Strength and Copper – Low bone density is the main cause of brittle bones and osteoporosis. Especially proper joint movement is due to the connective tissues that make up the scaffolding of bones. Collagen is the building material which forms in presence of copper. Hence proper balance of copper in a body is necessary for strong bones and healthy joints.

Most of the fruits and vegetables cannot meet the daily copper requirements of the body. Hence copper rich food should be a part of daily diet. For non-vegetarians meat takes care of their copper needs, while vegetarians need to eat nuts and lentils to get sufficient copper.

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