Copper Destroys the Stomach Flu Virus

Stomach flu is a highly infectious condition affecting millions all over the world. It is caused by norovirus and it can spread through food, water, touch and also air. A new study has revealed that copper and its alloys do not just limit the norovirus but destroy it. The cooper charged water having the copper ions also has the same effect. The water can be charged with keeping water in a copper jug or copper glass.


A simulation of copper surfaces was done in the laboratory. The findings were astounding. Any surface containing more than sixty percent copper kills the norovirus. It was not only this virus but various contagious bacteria and fungi which were affected in the same way by copper. The conclusion was that copper surfaces in public areas and care facilities could reduce the chances of infection manifolds.

But is this finding new? Well, humans have known the anti-microbial property of copper for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used to use it as a sterilizing agent for wounds and also for purifying drinking water. It was used by physicians then widely for many other ailments of the digestive system and external infections. But modern medicine was in denial mode and has recently started accepting the fact. The pharmaceutical companies have also not helped and advertised that copper was toxic for humans. One myth goes that copper makes bones weak which have been proven wrong by research.


The effect of copper on the highly resistant superbug has also given new hope. The best thing about this natural mineral is that the bugs do not develop resistance as in the case of chemical drugs. SO, do not wait and infuse copper in your daily life. You can start by using it as a water storage container like water jug and copper water bottles, and further it by using brass/copper door knobs. Using copper plates for eating can also help.



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