Copper is Solution for Safe Drinking Water

Awareness about the presence of harmful bacteria in tap water, pond water, and well water keeps us from drinking it. In cities, most of the people drink filtered water using various kinds of purifiers. This change has happened in last two decades. Water has been the resource most affected by the rapid technological changes and industrial growth. The toxic wastes have been dumped into the water sources making it unfit to drink, and this has led to increasing in a number of people getting afflicted by life-threatening diseases like heart ailments and cancer. But is the use of filter the solution? Most definitely not as the various processes have an effect on the minerals found in water. Reverse osmosis the most popular method of making water drinkable removes many essential minerals and Ultra Violet treatment kills some friendly bacteria. Did you know that almost two-thirds of the water is wasted in the RO process? To top that these technologies are still too expensive for the people from the countryside who are suffering the most due to unclean water.

So, what is the solution to the problem of drinking water? We have take cue from ancient practices. The most prevalent ancient practice was to store water in copper vessels. This practice was common in all ancient civilizations across the world. Was it just a ritual or religious practice? The answer is a big no. The ancient people were quite aware of the medicinal properties of copper and also about how it makes water drinkable. A recent research done in Africa proved that copper can help clean the filthiest of water sources. This lends authenticity to the fact that copper is a natural water cleaner.

This is the main reason behind the recent popularity of copper water bottles and copper jugs for storing water. Yes,you will have to use reverse osmosis for brackish water, but should also try to follow the Ayurvedic principle of drinking a liter of water kept in a copper vessel for 8 hours. I have been doing it for a year now with real health benefits. My weight increase has stopped, I feel more energetic, all the pains in joints are a thing of the past and most important of them all is that I am drinking water early in the morning which has made my ailing digestive system robust and I am able to digest almost everything. Isn’t that magical?


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