There has been a long ongoing debate about how plastic water bottles are filling up the landfills and polluting the seabed. If stats are to be considered, almost eighty percent of the water bottles purchased end up in landfills. Not only that, water stored in plastic bottles often times get infused with chemicals, which damage the human system slowly and steadily. So, while you are trying to hydrate yourself and sustain a life, it also important to think about sustainable ways to store water as well. It is high time that we find alternatives to plastic water bottles and stick to those alternatives in the long run.

1. Copper water bottle– It has been an old age tradition in India to drink water from a copper vessel. Ayurveda practitioners believe that water stored in a copper vessel can help balance the three doshas in the body, slow down the aging process, help with digestion and stimulate the brain. Traditionally, water is stored overnight to allow the copper to get infused in the water, making it copper charged. This copper infused water is known as Tamra Jal. Even modern science has back up the fact that water stored in a copper vessel is free of dangerous bacteria, which is the reason behind water-borne diseases. For those who are worried about ingesting copper, copper infused water does not contain huge amounts of the metal. There are just traces of copper in the water and there is absolutely no reason for you to be worried.

2. Stainless steel water bottle- If you are looking for an option which will last you for a very long time and is sustainable, then stainless steel bottles are ideal for you. Stainless steel bottles are easily recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice. Along with that, you can also get insulated water bottles, which help maintain the original temperature of the contents without infusing the water with any harmful chemicals. You can not only store water in it but also other beverages such as coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. as well.

3. Glass water bottle- Sometimes, all the motivation you need to drink those 8 glasses of water may come from a sleek looking water bottle. Glass water bottles are another great reusable option for storing water. Glass is 100% recyclable and sustainable. You are unlikely to experience any weird tastes which you may experience with plastic or metal bottles.