How to Cure Arthritis with Copper Water?

Copper is one of the ancient metals whose usage goes back to as old as 500 B.C. It was the Middle Eastern artisans who utilized the metal in making:

• Jewelry

• Vessels

• Tools

• Weapons

Apart from this, copper is also known for its anti-bacterial properties which help to inhibit and kill bacteria and microorganisms. In fact, one of the oldest books discovered by mankind known as “Edwin Smith Papyrus” documents the use of copper for sterilizing drinking water and wounds.

Importance of copper for the existence of human life

Copper is present in the human body in the form of a mineral in trace amounts. Copper is one of the essential minerals required for the proper functioning of the body. The only way to get the required amount of copper is through external sources as it cannot be synthesized by the human body itself. To be specific, copper is essential for the smooth functioning of the below-mentioned functions:

• Nerve function.

• Iron utilization.

• Enzyme systems.

• Skin pigmentation.

• Energy productions.

The food items with a high amount of copper are as follows:

• Potatoes

• Nuts

• Beef liver

• Shellfish

• Green vegetables

• Chocolate

Copper for treating arthritis

One of the most popular folklore that has been prevalent for thousands of years for treating arthritis with copper is by wearing a copper bracelet. These copper bracelets are very inexpensive and can be purchased both online and offline. But the important question is how exactly these bracelets help in curing arthritis? It is claimed that tiny particles of copper get rubbed off the bracelet onto the skin and is absorbed by the skin. The absorbed copper helps in the growth of the lost cartilage, thus relieving the pain.


Another common and probably the most effective way of treating arthritis with copper is by drinking copper treated water from copper water bottles. When water is stored in the copper water bottle for an extended period of time, tiny particles copper leach into the water making it copper treated. Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle on an empty stomach every day helps in treating arthritis as well as several other health ailments. Apart from treating arthritis copper treated water also helps in:

1. Improving the skin.

2. Rectifying stomach ailments.

3. Enhancing immunity.

4. Weight loss.

5. Maintaining cardiovascular health.

It is not yet proven if copper actually helps in treating arthritis or not, but is still trusted by many for reducing the symptoms successfully.

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