Induction Cooktops and Copperware: The Connection

The induction cooktops is becoming very popular due the ease of use and transportability they offer. You do not need any extra fittings to start with. You just need an electric socket and you are good to go. However, the common problem faced is that the food cooks very slowly on the induction cookers. This is not true if you choose the right kind of cookware.

How the inductions cooktop works?

The induction cooktops is very different from the regular gas burners. The gas burners stove heats through contact with flame. The heat is transferred from burner to base of the pot and the process is commonly known as thermal conduction.

Induction cooktops do not work with the principle of thermal conduction. They do not generate heat but a magnetic field. The cooktops are made of the ceramic top with a coil of wire beneath. This coil generates an oscillating magnetic field. The magnetic field creates current in the pot bases which in turn generates heat. Hence the pots and cookware should have magnetic bases for working properly with the induction cooktops. For the same reason if you place your hand on the induction cook top it will not burn.


The Cookware that works and doesn’t work with induction cooktops

The cook tops which work with the induction cooktops are made of cast iron (maximum magnetization capability) and steel with magnetic iron. Ceramic pots laden with iron in the base which creates the magnetic field also works very well with the induction cooktops.

Aluminum and copperware take a long time to heat because of their non-magnetic nature while glass does not heat at all. However, copperware with a layer of magnetic material works the best with induction cook top.

Why Copperware with the magnetic base?

Copper is non-magnetic but an excellent conductor of heat. It makes the heat spread very evenly resulting in nicely cooked food. The magnetic layer at the bottom creates the heat and then the copper layer takes over. The heat that is generated is not wasted as in the case of cast iron and magnetic steel. The heat takes maximum effect and leads to lower electric consumption.

This is the reason copperware specially designed for induction cooktops are becoming very popular. You can buy some nice copper utensils and other copperware at our website too. We are soon coming up with special induction cooktops pure copperware.

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