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Why You Need Copper Mugs for Serving Moscow Mule

Copper cups are very popular amongst those who love drinking in a traditional way, especially their Moscow Mule. Since the invention of the Moscow mule, it has been served in pure copper mugs. But there are a lot of people who are still concerned about drinking from a copper mug for a number of reasons. One such concern is that copper play host to bacteria which will be ingested along with their drink. But these claims stand no chance as copper is a metal which is oligodynamic in nature which means it kills any germs or bacteria which comes in its contact. Plus copper is the perfect metal for serving cold beverages as it keeps the drink cold for much longer maintaining its taste.

Why you need copper mugs for Moscow Mule?

There are a number of cocktails which need to be served in a particular vessel. For instance, wine should always be served in a wine glass and not in some random glass. This is so because doing it otherwise will disrupt the nature of the drink, though not greatly, but still. This is why a Moscow mule should always be served in a copper mug only.

But, as mentioned above, there are some people who are still wary about drinking from a copper mug. This is because people are much more cautious of what they are putting in their body and is also appreciable in a sense. But the fact that drinking from a copper mug could affect their health adversely is immaterial to a great extent.

In fact, other common drinkware such as porcelain and glass may collect bacteria; copper, on the other hand, destroys it. So it is not wrong to say that copperware is perfectly safe to drink from but is also a better option as compared to glass and ceramic.


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