Most people consider copper as a metal which is used for making wires and pipes, etc. But one thing that most people do not think of is that copper is a trace mineral which is crucial for maintaining good health. It is one of the most cherished minerals in holistic health. It is a must for proper iron absorption by the body. You also need copper for nerve signal transmission and to release energy across your body.

Wellness experts suggest using copper utensils for storing and drinking water. When water is stored in a copper vessel, tiny particles of copper get leached into the water making it copper infused. Drinking water from a copper utensil is a great way to fulfill the daily requirement of this crucial mineral.

Benefits of using the copper vessel

Using copper utensils, such as copper water bottles offers a lot of health benefits apart from its nutritional benefits.

Some of the amazing benefits of using copper utensils are:

Natural disinfectant- It is a natural disinfectant, which means it kills all the germs and microbes coming in its contact instantly.

Self-sterilizing- Studies have been performed and it has been established that water stored in a copper vessel is safe and pure to consume.

Helps with weight loss- Recent research has suggested that copper is a crucial element in fat burning. One a particular study performed on white mice established that copper acts as a deciding factor in melting down the fat for producing energy. It was found that white mice with a lower copper level had more fat stored in them. This verifies the relationship between copper and fat loss.

Improves immune health- Copper is an essential part of many protein enzymes. It boosts the immunity by warding off bacterial infections. Copper is required to produce white blood cells or monocytes. Several studies have proved that a diet, low in copper content, may lead to poor immunity.

Supports heart health- Copper makes up as an important part of two antioxidant enzymes which help with the prevention of oxidation of bad cholesterol. This helps with minimizing the risk of heart disease. Some studies even associate low copper level with an increase in cholesterol levels.