The pH level of a solution defines the concentration of hydrogen ions in that solution. It is measured at a level of 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. A pH neutral solution measures 7 on the scale. For instance, the pH level of orange juice is 3.3, which means it is acidic in nature. Most of the food items consumed by humans are at a neutral pH of 7.0.

What is the pH of water?

The pH level of your water may affect you adversely if it is too acidic or too alkaline. Most bottled water won’t improve your health or deteriorate due to its pH level. Depending on the source and processing, bottled water maintains a pH of 5 to 8.

The human body likes to maintain a pH level of 7.4, which is neutral. The pH of the human body depends on how well your kidneys are functioning. If the water you are consuming to basic or acid, it means it has been contaminated with acids or caustic cleaners. This type of water can make you feel sick, damage body tissues or may even prove fatal.

Is alkaline water good for your health?

The use of alkaline water is controversial to some extent. A lot of healthcare professionals dismiss the “acclaimed” health benefits of alkaline water and say that there isn’t enough proof to support the health claims made by the users and manufacturers.

But even after the lack of scientifically proven facts, proponents of alkaline water still believe in its various proposed health benefits, such as:

-> Anti-aging properties

-> Colon cleansing properties

-> Immune system support

-> Hydration, skin health and other detoxifying properties

-> Weight loss

-> Cancer resistance

How to prepare alkaline water at home?

One can purchase alkaline water from a supermarket near their house. But for those who do not have access to packaged alkaline water, you can easily prepare it by yourself at home. Water stored in a copper vessel or copper infused water is all natural and a great alternative to packaged alkaline water. To prepare alkaline water at home, you need a pure copper vessel such as a copper water bottle. Fill your copper vessel with fresh drinking water at night and keep it like that until the next morning. When you wake up in the morning, drink this copper infused water as the first thing in the morning.