Copper is a very important element which is very important for the healthy sustenance of the body. The mineral mainly helps with improving the metabolism, by allowing the vitamins and amino acids to work properly thus allowing the body to stay up to date. Copper is one of those rare elements which cannot be synthesized by the body and thus need to be obtained from the dietary sources. When talking about the most important minerals, copper is among the top three minerals required for the proper functioning of the body.

Copper deficiency may result in a lot of health issues one of them is affecting the functioning of the thyroid gland adversely.

How to use copper to improve the thyroid gland?

Copper is a must for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. But too much or too little copper may lead to the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland and may result in hormone imbalance. This imbalance may either result into a shortage of the hormone leading to hypothyroidism or excess of the hormone leading to hyperthyroidism.

If you are taking zinc supplements then it is important to take zinc supplement along with that as well. Maintaining a proper balance of copper in the blood helps in balancing the estrogen and progesterone to maintain the functioning of the thyroid gland. A majority of thyroid supplements already have zinc in them to take care of this common issue.


The best trick to replenish the copper content to treat thyroid

One of the best tricks to replenish the copper content in the body is by drinking copper treated water on a daily basis. For this you need a pure copper jug or copper water bottle; fill up the copper utensil with fresh drinking water every night before going to bed. The next morning your copper water will be ready to be consumed. Drink a big glass of this copper treated water every morning for keeping a check on your copper content and thus your thyroid.

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