The Best Copper Water Bottles for Ayurvedic Benefit

It is a proven fact that water stored in copper utensils is beneficial for the overall health. Another proven fact is that when water is stored in a copper vessel for extended hours, it kills a considerate amount of bacteria present in the water making it suitable for drinking. This happens due to the oligodynamic nature of the metal. When the copper content increases in water, the pH level of the water also increases. This type of environment is unfavorable for the bacteria to flourish, which eventually leads to pure, bacteria-free water.

Our set of two hammered water bottles comprises of a 1000 ml and a 600 ml water bottles. The water bottles are crafted from pure copper and are hammered to increase the surface area and purity of the metal. The hammering also imparts it a beautiful pattern and also adds to the beauty of the product. The water bottles are joint-less and leak-proof making these the perfect option to carry water on the go. You would love to carry these bottles and keep them on your desk and show them off your colleagues. You can also carry these bottles to your yoga or gym sessions for an instant dose of refreshing copper water.

Just fill the bottle at night with filtered water and leave it like that. The next day your copper treated water is ready to be consumed. You can drink the water in the morning itself to reap all the benefits or you can also carry the water with you and have it throughout the day.

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